Barcelona goodbyes

Working at the school was a unique experience that I will cherish always. The teacher I worked with was young and full of enthusiasm about teaching. She liked to have fun in the classroom so that the children would love school. I made a powerpoint about the US and gave 5 45 minute presentations to 4th graders and 6th graders. They were all interested about the US and knew a lot themselves which made conversations interesting.
Sight seeing in the city was a great pass time after school. During the last week I went to the Catherdal at Tibidabo. It was the most amazing spectacular cathedral I have been to. There is a giant statue of Jesus on top of the building that is lit up and looks down upon you. Inside it smelled of insence, beautiful stain glass, statues, and murals. Words cant really do it justice. Gaudiś archutecture in the city was also great to look at and witness his genious.
The last day of school there was a lunch surprise prepared for us with pizza and softdrinks. The teachers that we worked with were invited to eat with us and they gave us goodbye presents to remember them by. They gave us a school t-shirt and year book. Everyone was really sweet. I gave my email to students so that they could write to practice their English.
Barcelona Goodbye!


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