Ok! It has been officially 1 week since I left home for the airport. My jet lag is getting better and I’ve settled in here at my flat. The school that I’m working at, Santa Isabela, is beautiful and very big. They have 2 year olds all the way up to high school students. The boys and girls are together when they are small and then separate for elementary and middle school and then start having classes together again in high school. We arrived at the school on the biggest party week of the whole year and it was interesting to participate. Every class had a color and there were competitions all week to earn points for their team. They could earn points by creating posters or wearing there color. They could also earn points by being good students and of course by winning the games that they played on the play ground. There was high energy all week with cheering and chanting and music and large puppet dancing. Friday was All Saints Day and that was an all play and no work day. The 6th grade girls that I was with went to a football game across the street that some played and some watched. Something that I noticed is that they didn’t wear shin guards and so you have to be tough. After football we went to the school gym for a basketball game. Some of the girls played and some of them cheered. They love to cheer. Cheering must be a favorite pass time for girls and boys. After basketball we went to dance class which was very fun. I got to participate in this! After dancing it was lunch time. The teachers were invited to a special All Saints Day Lunch in the courtyard and it was delicious and beautiful. I had pizza, sesame chicken shish Kabobs, and other strange and wonderful food. After lunch I went with two 6th grade girl teams to the park for games. They played Snatch the Pin, I Am Virtuous, and Blind Fold Walk. Fun stuff and then gummy candy! They cheered all the way to the park and back!




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